The core of REGION FREE is a creative team of independent professionals, all specializing in anime/manga art mainly based in in Tokyo, Japan. Cindy Yamauchi, who brings over a decade of anime expertise to the business, will the lead the company as it establishes itself as a high quality referral service of Japanese artists.

Company Mission

REGION FREE is an artist referral service. Our goal is to establish anime/manga as a recognizable and even popular art form in the United States. This company will rely on the proven skills of its members, offering the authentic Japanese style of animation and comic art that capture the hearts of so many loyal fans around the globe.

Key Personnel

Cindy Yamauchi is the owner and manager of REGION FREE. She has significant anime experience developed as a key animator and animation director in Tokyo, working for various projects over the years. Her credits include [Record of Lodoss Wars] (animation director, key animation), [Akira] (key animation), and [Ranma 1/2] (key animation). Also fluent in Japanese, she plans to utilize her experience in expanding the anime/manga market in United States.