Negotiated contract rate is preferred (but not restricted to) the hiring of the talent. Please inquire for more information.


REGION FREE does not solicit artists for full employment. All work orders will be processed as a negotiated contract with REGION FREE, thus relieving the client from dealing with the difficulties associated with hiring foreign nationals.

Ownership of Artwork

This matter will be negotiated with the artists/production on an individual project basis.


REGION FREE's vast network can give clients access to many anime/manga artists in Japan. However, a preferred artist may not be available due to schedule conflicts or other circumstances. In that case, REGION FREE will offer other artists with a similar style and quality.


Although we seriously consider all business offers, we do not accept any fan related materials.

As noted above, we are not an employment agency. Please do not send us unsolicited resumes and/or artwork, for they will be discarded.