Region Free Hawaii Seminar Poll

Region Free is looking into holding a seminar in Honolulu, Hawaii in the summer of 2008 that would give amateurs and professionals alike a chance to meet and learn from anime industry pros. Animation Director/Animator Cindy Yamauchi of Region Free will be teaching a class on drawing in the anime style and sharing her experiences about working in the industry. Marco and Terri d'Ambrosio of MarcoCo plan to talk about composing music and handling audio post-production on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series and other projects. Elaine Clark of Voice One will be there to talk about voice acting and how you can get into it, and Mark Giambruno of Region Free will present thoughts and techniques for adapting and subtitling anime for professional results.

The estimated price for the seminar is about $200 per person and will run two days. This is for admission only, no travel, meals, lodging or any other expenses are included. Please take our simple poll below so we can judge how many people would be interested in attending this unique seminar.